MPLS Wide Area Networks

We your clients have multiple sites you’re going to need to connect them together.

One way of doing this is through IPSec tunnels directly over the Internet. While this may be fine for some cases, often the reliability and overhead of the encrypted tunnels is just not there.

The simplest alternative is to utilise a MPLS Wide Area Network to connect two or more sites. With a MPLS WAN you have a truly dedicated and private network built just for your clients.

Like all UnitedIP options, you aren’t constrained to use a single carrier. With our vendor-neutral options your WAN can be made up of of DSL, fibre or business-grade wireless connections.

Our MPLS Wide Area Networks allow you to supply a rock-solid platform that is:

  • Price competitive.
  • Flexible.
  • High-performing.
  • Secure.

Give us a call and run through a few scenarios for your clients to get a real feel for how we can help.

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