Business Grade Communications

Business Grade Internet and WAN LinksProviding your clients with reliable and cost-effective business-grade communications these days is proving difficult. The offerings from traditional and other larger wholesale ISPs are changing regularly.

We see the biggest challenge is finding a carrier who can actually deliver cost-effective services where you need them. When your customers have multiple sites, you can get a service from one carrier but not another.

Building IPSec based networks through different carriers is problematic. Added complexity and troubleshooting will often bring about additional headaches.

With UnitedIP, these issues simply don’t exist. We’ve build our own independent network so we can provide you with connections from a range of carriers that are configured as part of one network.

  • No more calls to multiple carriers trying to resolve problems
  • No more IPSec tunnels
  • No more rejected sites due to ‘distance from exchange‘ excuses
  • No more rejected sites due to single-carrier network availability
  • No more Tier 1 unrealistic pricing

We operate under a one-throat-to-choke philosophy. By sourcing your links from UnitedIP, we can help you diagnose and troubleshoot your connections. It’s our job to raise issues with the carrier so you can get back to running your business and managing the relationship with your customers. UnitedIP is responsible end-to-end.

All of our services are available nationally so you can deliver services to your customers wherever they are with confidence. You have the option to mix and match to build scalable networks for your customers through a range of carriers including:

  • AAPT
  • NexTep
  • Soul/TPG
  • Optus/UEcomm
  • BigAir
  • NBN

Of course, all our connections are backed by Service Level Agreements so that you and your customers understand what to expect in the event of any outage or problem. You know when it will be resolved by and our ticketing systems will keep you updated every step of the way.

With continued advancements and expansion in the telecommunications arena, we can help your tailor solutions for your customers to include:

  • ADSL2+
  • SHDSL and Ethernet-over-Copper/Ethernet First Mile (EFM)
  • Fibre (2Mb/s to 1Gb/s)
  • Wireless (2Mb/s to 40Mb/s)
  • NBN (National Broadband Network)

We don’t use any domestic services within our network – period. All services are business-grade and carrier-backed. That’s the only way you can guarantee availability and reliability.

Why not see how we can help you provide cost-effective business-grade communications solutions to your clients?

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