Managed Routers

For every link you’ll need a router to provide that connectivity. A reliable router means higher uptime and happier customers!

UnitedIP can provide you with the router and also manage the equipment. With our managed router services, we can alert you when abnormal conditions appear on the link to help you deliver a better service.

With our Managed Router services, UnitedIP is completely responsible for the router – including firmware updates and swap-out on failure.

UnitedIP recommends and uses products from the Cisco router family. We believe Cisco routers are the best routers available for a stable, business-grade connection. Our technicians also know the routers intimately which makes provisioning and troubleshooting all that much easier.

Of course, for all our connections you are welcome to use a router you are comfortable with and can support. We just won’t be able to manage it for you.